IFA 2017: Droidcon Berlin – Android developer conference co-located at IFA

IFA 2017: Droidcon Berlin – Android developer conference co-located at IFA

For the first time, from September 3-5, 2017, one of the world’s leading independent Android developer conferences, the Droidcon Berlin, will be held co-located with the IFA. At the conference, more than 1,000 software developers and experts are expected to discuss technical aspects and innovations related to the operating system and its applications.

The Android operating system developed by Google has a market share of more than 80 percent according to figures of market research company Gartner, which concluded the ressearch by the end of 2016. It still is the most successful mobile platform for smartphones worldwide today. The operating system has become an essential element for smart home solutions, such as “smart” washing machines and refrigerators, as well as internet-capable televisions, and is used by numerous IFA exhibitors in their products. This makes it an essential basis for the growing importance of Connected Home, thereby being a valuable asset to the IFA.

Droidcon Berlin opens up new possibilities for both sides. IFA also provides an opportunity for exhibitors to let their Android developers gain extra knowledge and present their products to other Android development teams”, is how Boris Jebsen, who established Droidcon, explains its benefits. “At the same time these projects can provide other Android developers with fascinating insights.”

Droidcon Berlin 2017
3 – 5 September 2017
CityCube Berlin, Hall A, Room A1-A3
About Droidcon Berlin

Droidcon remains the leading independent platform for Android developers and its conferences provide software developers to exchange through the mobile operating system at the highest technical level. Correspondingly, 90 per cent of the conference visitors are software developers. The Droidcon was founded in Berlin in 2009 and is now present in 20 countries with subsequent events. In addition to Berlin, the largest Droidcon conferences are held in London, New York and San Francisco. Since November 2016 the Droidcon has a branch office in Beijing therefore is also represented in the Chinese market. Droidcon‘s business partners include Microsoft, Google, Sony, Intel, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

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