Discover seldom found locations and unique activities, which you will never forget.

Are you looking for activities or locations, which are unique and special? Find small shops, exciting guidances or an evening program of extra class. You won`t find it anywhere else.

Brasserie in swing

Situated in the Cologne Marriott Hotel. The flame cake is served by waiters on bikes in the Fou Brasserie and the wok chicken is accompanied by a song to the table. Registration needed.

Opening hours: –
Address: Johannisstraße 76-80
Phone: 942220

Getting there: Subway (U 5, 16, 18): Dom/Central station

Café Waschsalon

Very different nightspot, which utilizes a Laundromat theme in its popular bar. Doormen guard the door and make sure only the hippest and most fashionable visitors pass inside. Good mixed drinks and beer selection. The Café is a great change of pace from the traditional German beer hall.

Opening hours: –
Address: Ehrenstraße 77
Phone: 133378
Web: –
Getting there: Subway (U1, 7, 12, 15): Rudolfplatz

Cookery course with insects

Bring a healthy appetite! Here are insects cocked, sizzled, cracked, and of course tried. The brave insect Maîtres learn and taste crawling creatures and how to cock them best. Please register three days in advance

Opening hours: On request
Address: various adresses in Cologne
Phone: 0180/5606088
Fees: 3 hours for 50 Euro
Getting there: –

Enjoy your cocktails

Whether there is a taste difference between shaken and stirred martini, you can learn at cocktail course in the bar Zwoeinz. Here, the 11 cl-team awards the license for mixing and of course, the cocktails are enjoyed directly. Registration needed.

Opening hours: –
Address: Hochstadenstraße 21
Phone: 01722065220
Fees: 44,99 Euro

Football in the pub

Want to play Football? In Colognes table soccer pub No. 1, you will experience an exciting evening, when you take place at the soccer tables.

Opening hours: –
Address:Bismarckstraße 53
Phone: 5008353
Getting there: Subway (U3, 4, 5, 12, 15): Friesenplatz

Fast training

In the small gym, muscles grow by the minute.The local miracle: the i-Trainer, an electrical stimulation-suit, who trains in 30 minutes arms, chest, abs, back and legs. Booking in advance.

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 09.00-21.00, Sat 10.00-18.00 o`clock
Address: Lütticher Strasse
Phone: 3592169
Getting there: Subway (U1, 7, 12, 15): Rudolfplatz

Papa Joes Klimperkasten

This is for jazz fans! Every Sunday, live musical acts performing a variety of jazzy numbers for the enjoyment of regulars and newcomers. The interesting ambience and friendly staff make this a must for a weekend concert stop. For the most part, the Papa Joe’s host interesting long-term guest. A puppet quintett, that play the smash-hits from Cologne for a tip. A must to see.

Opening hours: Daily 11.00-03.00 o`clock
Address: Alter Markt 50-52
Phone: 2582132
Getting there: Subway (U5, 16, 18): Dom/Central station

Rhine Cable Cars

A truly spectacular way to view Cologne and the central Rhine River is from the air. The trip goes from the Rhinepark across the river, over the City Center and back again. A great companion trip is to take a chair-lift tour of the park. Excellent way to photograph the Dom, the city and the Rhine River.

Opening hours: Daily 10.00-18.00 o`clock(spring, summer and early fall)
Riehler Straße 180
Phone: 5474184
Getting there: Subway (U18): Zoo/Flora

Special breakfast
For breakfast, go to Café Café. How the Special Breakfast works? On the table are spreads, the rest will be ordered additionally and individually.
Want more? How about having a fruity smoothie with you on the way!

Opening hours: –
Address:Aachener Straße 45
Phone: –
Getting there: Subway (U1): Rheinenergiestadion

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