After four years of organizing the Nordic UAS Event, the city of Odense has reached agreement with TUS Expo to be the organizer for this international unmanned systems event, under the name TUS Nordics. The fifth edition of this new branded event will take place from 10-12 October in Odense Congress Center (OCC).

The Nordic UAS Event is the largest Unmanned Aircraft Systems trade show and conference in Northern Europe gathering end-users and industry specialists from all countries around the world. Odense is an important international hub for UAS stakeholders.

TUS Expo is a dedicated and focused business community connecting companies from across the entire unmanned systems value chain, organizing international trade shows, conferences and offering related media services.

To ensure the success of TUS Nordics and highlight the regional high tech capabilities, the event will be closely working together with the City of Odense, UAS Denmark, UAS Test Center Denmark and the Scandinavian unmanned systems cluster.

TUS Nordics will present a new event format, introducing a masterclass and a conference focusing on the core capabilities of the region like Offshore & Energy, Agriculture, Arctic Research and Unmanned Cargo & Delivery. As the leading unmanned systems event in Northern Europe, this event will have a dedicated, integrated drone demo day as part of the event at UAS Test Center Denmark.

Both TUS Nordics and the City of Odense are excited about the new set up and cooperation. Bjarke Wolmar, Executive Vice President at Odense & Co: “This deal will guarantee that the event will draw international attention while still maintaining focus on Scandinavia. We will jointly grow our community and strive to be the annual meeting point for the unmanned systems value chain in Scandinavia and show our expertise.”

Niels Westendorp of TUS Expo: “We are very happy that after years of fruitful collaboration with the Odense unmanned system community, we can continue to build further, fortifying the regions strong position by organizing an annual TUS Nordics event. The implementation of drones is taking off at record speed. It is vital to keep investing in the eco-system, to keep up with the exponential growth and developments of the sector worldwide.”