Good food in Düsseldorf

Enjoy delicious food and drinks, offered by favoured restaurants and hip bars in Düsseldorf.

Düsseldorf is one of Germany’s gastronomic highlights. From venerable breweries offering unique Kölsch beer and typical Düsseldorf delicacies to first-class restaurants – in excess more than 3000 public houses, restaurants and breweries.

Berliner Imbiss

In former times it was a trailer, nowadays, it has been converted to a snack bar. The sometimes long lines prove it: Here’s the best Currywurst in town! Really hot, with tasty fries.

Opening hours: 10.30-22.00 o`clock
Address: Kesselsbergweg 14
Phone: 0151/18500235
Getting there: Subway (U79): Klemensplatz

Cafe Madrid

This truly Spanish cafe offers some traditional regional specialties and traditional favorites. Very unique: the Spanish-speaking staff. The charming, warm, polished wooden atmosphere is inviting and the interesting fans are attached to each other and have wooden propellers to create the gentle breeze. Often overflow of people coming to this popular bar/restaurant. A good menu is offered, and excellent service abounds. Business casual attire.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 21.00-02.00, Fri-Sat 21.00-03.00 o`clock
Address: Bolkerstraße 22-25
Phone: 133324
Web: –
Getting there: Subway (U70, 74-79): Heinrich-Heine-Allee

Im Füchschen

Very rustically brewery with beer, that is the best of old art. The food is very hearty and cheap. Their brewery has also a butcher house, where the sausage is for takeaway. The brewery is a must!

Opening hours: Daily from 9 o`clock
Address: Ratinger Str. 28
Phone: 137470
Web: –
Getting there: Subway (U70, U74-U77): Tonhalle/Ehrenhof

La Terrazza

This popular Italian-style restaurant is a great choice for a light meal in the popular Königsallee, the chic shopping district. Good regional dining and seafood options. Lovely ambience and good service abounds. Locals say, that this is a good choice for a business meal. Save room for a cappuccino and the delectable dessert. Business casual attire.

Opening hours: until 24.00 o`clock (Kitchen)
Address: Königsallee 30
Phone: 327540
Getting there: Subway (70, 74-79): Steinstraße


The oldest Japanese restaurant in Europe and highly appreciated by the Japanese in Düsseldorf. Tatami room, sushi and tempura bar. Select a menu (about 50 Euro) for experiencing the diversity of Japanese cuisine.

Opening hours: Daily (on Sun: evenings only)
Address: Immermannstr. 35
Phone: 173470
Web: –
Getting there: Subway (U70, U74-U79): Oststraße


Here, Ethiopian cuisine is served, and you eat with your fingers. Every Ethiopian meal is served with ingera, a pancake made Teffwheat with different variations of very tasty meat. The doro wott is very delicious, it`s chicken in spicy red sauce. The friendly staff can help in the interpretation of the menu and shows how to get along without a knife and fork.

Opening hours: Only evening
Address: Ackerstr. 119
Phone: 6911856
Web: –
Getting there: Tram (708, 709, 719): Birkenstraße
Subway (5, 16, 18): Dom / Main station.


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