• Inspiration for trade and external catering at the BIOFACH World of Experience
  • New: In 2017, cook+talk is to become the GASTRONOMY World of Experience
  • You can find the entire program online in the event planner under: www.biofach.de/programme

Please step this way from 15th – 18th February 2017 at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg to experience organic delights, diversity and know-how. These are the dates when the international leading trade fair for organic foods will be inviting you to its next event. More than 48,000 specialist purchasers will experience and discover what the international organic market has to offer over four trade fair days. More than 2,500 exhibitors are expected – over 200 of these at the VIVANESS, the international trade fair for natural cosmetics which takes places every year in parallel to the BIOFACH. Plenty of inspiration for trade, external catering and gastronomy is to be provided by the Worlds of Experience OLIVE OIL, VEGAN and WINE. They are included in the theme cluster Experience & Discover (Erleben & Entdecken). In 2017, cook+talk will become part of this concept and will be renamed the GASTRONOMY World of Experience. Interested parties can call up the entire program online in the Event Planner under www.biofach.de/programme.

At the GASTRONOMY World of Experience– supported by Bioland, professional chefs from individual and collective gastronomy, the hotel business and catering will all come together. Whether newcomers or established professionals, organic quality in external catering is a powerful image bearer which can obtain you new guests and which delights long-standing customers. Within the scope of the World of Experience, current challenges and questions will be discussed, and visitors inspired by the latest products and trends. Besides networking in a relaxed atmosphere concerning the subject of external markets, visitors will be awaited by experts on the use of organic produce in large-scale kitchens, a compact overview regarding suppliers for gastronomy and collective catering, stimulating specialist lectures, exciting discussion forums, show cooking and guided trade fair tours.In the same way, organically-certified event gastronomy will be included as part of the GASTRONOMY World of Experience, as will the successful Hof-Cafè (courtyard café), profiling with organic wine for the design of a sustainable wine list, organic pasta as a convincing entry product or the use of organic aromas for fine gourmet cuisine or the spectrum of essential oils available for professional use.

The organic agricultural association Bioland is a partner of the GASTRONOMY World of Experience. Furthermore, A’verdis GbR, BIO AUSTRIA, BIO HOTELS, Bioland, BLE, BioMentoren and Demeter e.V. will present themselves in the exhibition area in 2017 with the Organic Kitchen Stories project.

OLIVE OIL: Healthy gourmet product and top-sellers on the organic market

Olive oil counts as a classic amongst oils – and not only in the professional kitchen. As the strongest edible fat on the organic market, it plays a decisive role for both traders and consumers wherever healthy and delightful nutrition is concerned. At the OLIVE OIL World of Experience, representatives of the trade and from external catering will find the entire spectrum available from international regions of origin. In 2016, a total of almost 200 exhibitors with olive oil were represented at the BIOFACH. The annual Olive Oil Award associated with this World of Experience is legendary amongst experts. Within the scope of the award, expert visitors distinguish the best oils of respective vintages. This international leading trade fair collaborates with distinguished experts and branch partners works on all special shows and exhibition areas. The OLIVE OIL World of Experience is jointly designed by the BIOFACH and Richard Wolny/Olivenöl-Sensorik.

Vegan nutrition: Plant-based, creative and absolutely on trend

On the occasion of its third event, the VEGANWorld of Experience 2017 once again promises inspiring product presentations and cooking shows, as well as a top-class, well-founded specialist program. This special area will be designed and implemented by BIOFACH in collaboration with the Vegetarierbund Deutschland (VEBU) (German Vegetarian Society

In addition to discussion groups and expert discussions concerning topics such as “Children as a target group – sustainable external meals for picky customers” or “The cost factor for organic quality – How can an organic range of offers prevail in the external market?”, numerous cooking shows will provide inspiration concerning vegan nutrition. Amongst other things, the live demonstrations will address vegan zero waste cuisine, milk, cheese and fish alternatives, pick-me-ups from the plant kingdom, such as Matcha, Maca & co., and seitan and lupins as an alternative to soy products.

On the occasion of the BIOFACH 2016, over 900 exhibitors presented their vegan product ranges; around 170 products were exhibited at the VEGAN World of Experience alone. Vegan nutrition has numerous followers and the corresponding product range has developed into an important area which generates good turnovers. This trend has also arrived in gastronomy: In Berlin alone, the number of vegan restaurants has increased in the last two years from 28 to 50. Whilst vegetarian-vegan events were previously perceived as “alternative sub-culture” events, they have now become mainstream. The “Vegane Sommerfest” (vegan summer festival) in Berlin, co-organised by the VEBU and attended by more than 55,000 visitors, is considered the largest in Europe. Last year, 20 such festivals took place across Germany.

Organic wines: Sophisticated vintner products win points in trade and gastronomy

Enjoyment and cuisine – the wine range segment is of course included in both trade or gastronomy. For purchasers in search of top produce from organic viticulture, the BIOFACH also has a suitable range of offers: The WINE World of Experience. Here, specialist visitors have the possibility to conduct exchanges with experts regarding current developments in the organic wine segment, and to find about new highlights and supplements for their own product range or restaurant wine list.

The spectrum of themes in the World of Experience programs extends from harmonious meal and wine combinations via organic wines and climate protection and plant protection in the special culture of wine production, right up to fungus-resistant, strong vines as an alternative to traditional vine varieties.

Ecovin is a partner of the WINE World of Experience. MUNDUS VINI/ Meininger Verlag (publishers) is to accompany the international leading trade fair as a partner for the international wine award MUNDUS VINI BIOFACH. This bestows awards on organic wines from all vine-growing regions of the world. The prize-winning wines – most recently numbering over 200 – will be distinguished by an independent and neutral expert jury and will be available for the tasting at the WINE World of Experience. In total, 134 wine exhibitors presented themselves in 2016 at the BIOFACH.


Much is happening in the organic sector in Nuremberg and beyond the city boundaries. In order to further strengthen the organic sector in the region for the future, the City of Nuremberg, Bluepingu, Hubert Rottner-Defet and the NürnbergMesse have collected their organic projects under the umbrella NUREMBERG, THE ORGANIC METROPOLIS (NÜRNBERG DIE BIOMETROPOLE). This title bundles the diverse organic activities in Nuremberg in order to jointly increase public awareness of this topic – and also amongst potential interested parties – and to provide Nuremberg with even more radiance as an organic location. The following is included in the autonomous activities of each main player: Bio erleben (experience organic) (City of Nuremberg), the event series “BIOFACH trifft Nürnberg” (BIOFACH meets Nuremberg) with the seed festival, painting competition and organic gourmet guide (Bluepingu), BIODIVA (Hubert Rottner-Defet), BIOFACH, world-leading trade fair for organic foods, and the congress STADTLANDBIO (NürnbergMesse).

About the BIOFACH World

The NürnbergMesse has verified competence in the field of organic foods. The entire international branch meets annually in Nuremberg at the BIOFACH, the international leading trade fair for organic foods. With five further BIOFACH events in Japan, the United States, South America, China and India, the BIOFACH World is present around the globe, and, year for year, attracts more than 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 trade visitors.