The percentage of attendees from outside Germany has increased by just over 10%. 

Every two years again and again, TrendSet Winter is subject to a special scheduling issue because of the exhibition BAU, and therefore has to move away from its usual weekend and holiday schedule. TrendSet is therefore all the more pleased that despite the scheduled dates on the one hand, and snow, storm, and ice on the other, the exhibition ran successfully and fulfilled the expectations of both exhibitors and attendees. Optimistic ordering behaviour and the high quality of attendees at this year’s TrendSet Winter 2017 satisfied exhibitors. A contributing factor was surely the percentage of attendees from countries other than Germany, which rose by just over 10%. With a total of 34,891 visits, the 109th TrendSet started the ordering season 2017 and, with its many new products, set the trends for the entire industry. 

Right at the start of the new year, the trade visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, and neighbouring EU states discovered the trends for the new season at TrendSet Winter from 4 to 6 January 2017 in Munich, Germany. From Wednesday to Friday, approximately 2,500 brands and collections displayed all the new products from 15 living and lifestyle categories. In nine fully booked exhibition halls, industry leaders, niche players, and newcomers presented their latest products on 100,000 square metres of exhibition space for three days. There were many things to see in the area of beautiful things for living, both indoors and outdoors, practical and stylish products for the kitchen, dining area, bath, and office, and wonderful ideas for giving and decorating.

TrendSet themed areas well-visited.

The themed areas at TrendSet, as well, were frequented quite well. In TrendSet Bijoutex, the exhibitors displayed the latest trends for fashion jewellery, fashion, and beauty. Trendy and traditional products related to national costumes and country styles were presented at TrendSet Country & Style, the themed area for collections with a homeland theme. TrendSet Newcomer enticed attendees to have a look at young companies with promising new products.

High quality of visits; good clientele.

As the first trade fair of the season, TrendSet provides a glimpse of the new product ranges carried by exhibitors as early as the start of January.

“TrendSet consists of a variety of industry sectors and products. The trade fair clientele from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, and the neighbouring EU member states, which because of the Munich being an exhibition location, is high-quality and possesses purchasing power, is able to become informed of the latest trends in the various areas and to order early in the season in a most accessible manner,” commented TrendSet managing director Tatjana Pannier on the position of TrendSet as one of the leading trade fairs for living and lifestyle.

Exhibitors satisfied: Mood and order volumes both good.

We are satisfied with how TrendSet Winter 2017 ran. The volumes of visitors and orders were good. Besides, we were able to gain several new customers here. The TrendSet management always does a good job. The halls are optimally structured; the concept leaves nothing to be desired.

Veit Mehlhorn (Managing Partner, la vida)


The fair is running well for us; we are very satisfied. The visitors are ordering and our latest products at the stand definitely are being well received. TrendSet has done a good job again.

Helmut Tillmann (Sales Manager, blomus)


We are very satisfied with this year’s winter TrendSet. We have received a big response from visitors regarding our novelties and products. All important and large customers were here and overall, a lot of ordering took place.

Volker Schmid (Sales Manager/Key Account Manager, ABC Karten)


The visitor frequency at TrendSet Winter 2017 is very good. Also, what was positive this time: The flow of attendees was continuous; this allowed us time to attend optimally to each visitor. All important customers are here and have ordered a lot. The exhibition is ideal for us. We sell in southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The respective clientele is right here at TrendSet.

Bjarne Lund Jepsen (Marketing and Sales Manager, IB Laursen)


The fair was a success. I was able to acquire new customers and show good order figures. TrendSet once again did a super job.

Eva Schreiber (Managing Director, EVA SCHREIBER)


TrendSet is always a good location for us. For the area Home, Interior, Lifestyle, TrendSet is the ideal exhibition here.

Daniel Henriksen (Owner, Hübsch Interior)


When it comes to the winter dates, which are followed by the exhibition BAU, we already expect, through the setup for BAU and the change of how attendees flow through the halls, that there will be fewer visitors. Nevertheless, we exhibit at TrendSet, because our customers are present here and the order volume is, in relation to this, OK. The only thing missing a bit is the attendees who happen to be passing by.

Arnold Maier (Managing Director, AM-Design)


On the first day of the fair, despite the date being in the middle of the week and despite the icy weather forecast, our stand was well-frequented, contrary to our expectations. The following days of the fair were somewhat quieter. But otherwise, things ran at TrendSet positive as always.

Rafael Vosteen (Management, VOSTEEN)


Due to the weather, some of our customers cancelled their visit. This, and the change of how attendees flow through the halls, owing to the following exhibition BAU, gave us fewer trade visitors and lower order volumes, which we expected. With TrendSet itself, we are very satisfied. For us, it is an important trade fair, allowing us to work our southern German sales region. We will be here the next time around.

Marcel d’Haan (Regional Account Manager, Light & Living)


We are here for the second time already in the Newcomer Area and very satisfied with how the fair is running. Many are ordering very well. We were able to speak to many interested visitors at the stand and gain valuable contacts. Our first appearance at TrendSet in this area in summer 2016 had already brought our company a real boost. It makes sense to be here, because we meet so many prospective customers at TrendSet that one would otherwise not reach.

Paul Kubik (Marketing, Eulenschnitt)


For us, mainly the first two days of the fair in the Newcomer Area ran very well. We had many interesting discussions and made promising contacts.

Henrik Roth (Owner, BEWOODEN)


I am at Country & Style for the first time and it is running well. Country & Style is an ideal location to present myself in my area. I will come again.

Frank Sommer (Managing Director, CHIEMSEE DESIGN)


We are satisfied here at TrendSet Bijoutex. With regard to visitor frequency, the days were really mixed, but the volume was OK for us. We are also very satisfied with the way the TrendSet exhibition team conducts the fair and supports us.

Rhisa P. Sabardal (Sales, cute stuff)


All signs point to nature: the trends of the coming season.

The designs and ideas for Spring/Summer 2017 follow the overall theme of nature. This is expressed by earthy tones and natural materials which are alone or combined to harmonic designs. Fresh colours and wild ethno prints join them to exude pure summer feeling. The deep, quiet radiance of blue is made use of in many designs in fashion and interior.

Urban naturalness: Many designs incorporate the connection between nature and city. With an urban feeling, animal patterns or camouflage in green and earthy hues present a modern view of well-being and harmony. Natural materials combine to exciting syntheses with industrial designs. Following the continuing trend toward nature, wood continues to be completely on trend. Natural, processed, or in vintage style, wood gives furniture, lamps, and decorative elements a warm and unique look.

Fresh designs: The colours and patterns in the new season are full of life. Style and origin mingle in designs. Wild ethnic patterns meet cool looks. Cultural influences mix together with individual styles. What results is a multicultural mix of fabrics, colours, patterns, and styles.

Cool colours: In Summer 2017, nobody can pass up the trend colour blue in all nuances of nature — from ocean blue to sky blue. Blue tones are combined with light grey or white. Flowing, partly technical fabrics support the calm effect of the colours just as batik and ombré effects do. Denim, as well, is used in all sorts of various designs.

Special trends: On textiles and consumer goods, or as a figure and toy, unicorns exude their magical charm. For Easter, partly larger-than-life eggs, chickens, and hares in the trend colours or made of wood romp about in the home decorated for Easter.


Facts about TrendSet Winter 2017

TrendSet—109th International Living and Lifestyle Fair for Consumer Goods from Wednesday, 4 January to Friday, 6 January 2017 at Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Center) in Halls B1 to B6 and C1 to C3.


Attendees from the trade 34,891 (-9.38%)
Key countries of the attendees Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary
Brands and collections 2,500
Percentage of international brand collections (exhibitors) > 50%
Area of exhibition centreExhibition space 115,000 sqm100,000 sq

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TrendSet has sustained its international orientation.

TrendSet has sustained its international orientation.

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  • TrendSet has sustained its international orientation.: Trendset