By the end of 2016, the total capacity of solar energy plants in Ukraine reached 568,2 MW. According to a report released by the CISOLAR-2017, 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe (April 11-12, 2017), as of December 1, the country had 106 industrial solar plants in total.

In particular, during January-November 2016, 49 solar plants totalling over 107 MW were implemented by local and foreign investors. The investments in these projects exceeded €120 million.

One of these projects has capacity over 20 MW, 4  projects have  10 MW and more, 12  projects have the capacity between 1 MW and 10 MW, and 32 projects are less than 1 MW. Also, more than 700 small projects (less 100 kW capacity) were implemented in the private sector. The total capacity of private plants exceeded 8,1 MW.

According to plans of local and foreign players of the PV industry, more than 50 new projects with total capacity 460 MW  will be implemented next year in Ukraine. As a result, in 2016, Ukraine can reach 1 GW of installed PV plants.

The feed-in tariffs in Ukraine are set at €0.1599/kWh ($0.18) for ground-mounted solar power plants commissioned in 2016 and €0.1502/kWh for projects implemented between 2017 and 2019. In order to receive a higher compensation, many solar developers are aimed to complete the ongoing projects by the end of 2016.

Recently, the Ukrainian government announced plans to turn Chernobyl’s nuclear wasteland into a large-scale solar farm, which can become one of the biggest solar energy clusters in the World.

The exclusion zone covers more than 200,000 hectares and has a complete high-voltage grid infrastructure fit for renewable energy generation. The companies from USA, Canada, China, and Germany have shown interest to this project.

Latest trends, legislative changes, investment and financing programs in the solar energy industry of Central and Eastern Europe are expected to be discussed at the CISOLAR-2017, 6th International Conference and Exhibition Solar Energy Industry in Central and Eastern Europe, which will take place in Odessa April 11-12, 2017.


CISOLAR is the main business event focused on the emerging solar energy markets of Europe. During the last six years, it gathered the stakeholders whose interests are connected with PV and solar thermal projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

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