As every year, Elegant Themes is giving away a Black Friday Sale, a brand new Apple iMac with 27 inches and a breathtaking 5K.

How you can win it:
Sign up for the Black Friday waiting list and take the actions. Every successful action offers (as is usual with Glem) one ticket.

Wanna help me? Click here for the competition!


Find the Raffle Coupon here

Currently (November 22nd, 2020) the probability of a win is at least 1: 42872

What else does Elegant Themes offer besides an iMac?

Elegant Themes is one of the most widely used website generation tools. With the Divi Builder, breathtaking websites can be created without much effort,

or establish previous knowledge (I use it myself). A wide variety of content elements can be easily combined with one another and completely individually and

arrange across platforms. No matter what kind of project is waiting for you, Elegant Themes offers you the most important tools to make your site a complete success.

And this year they are offering an absolute blast again on Black Friday! While you’re waiting for Black Friday, as I said, you can win the Apple Imac!

Good luck and greetings from colleagues,


wishes Kevke